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Fire Paint for steel - water or solvent based, colour finishes

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Our Free rapid Intumescent paint thickness calculation for fire retardant paint for steel

Our Hp/A based steel fire rated coating Specification is a Legal requirement - without it your coatings would have no standing in Law if a fire ever occurred and the Building's Insurance would be invalidated.

Click here for the list of details that you need to supply for a fast Quotation for fire proof paint for steel.

Note - it is impossible for us to obtain all these details from a Drawing

Click here for a full explanation of the Hp/A Calculation below.

Fire Retardant Paint is specified for the fire protection of Steel beams, hollow sections, angles and plates - use our Intumescent Paint for steel as a base coat and then coloured Flame Paint finish to protect the intumescent surface where necessary. Flame Paint top coats are only required if the painted steel will be exposed to view, or used in a high humidity environment.

Intumescent Paint for steel is available in water and solvent based versions, easy to apply and has no smell (water based) or low odour (solvent based). It must be applied over an anti-corrosion Primer, to prevent rusting.

Just call us on 01626 872886 with your Steel dimensions for instant help and advice and a Free Calculation and Specification within two hours, by E Mail or Fax.

Price Match Guarantee - we will not be beaten on price. Call us on 01626 872886 for instant help

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For a RAL Colour Chart for the Flame Paint that finishes intumescent paint for steel Click Here.

What is an Hp/A based Specification

Hp/A stands for Heated Perimeter over (divided by) Area.

Every reputable steel fire paint Manufacturer supplies a computer based Calculator to its Distributors which can calculate the Hp/A number for all the World's standard steel sizes. The Manufacturer's own Test Data is then applied to the Hp/A number to give a Wet Film Thickness - that is the thickness of the Intumescent paint that is needed, based on independently verified (Government approved) fire tests to insulate the steel for the required time - usually 30 or 60 minutes, sometimes 90 or 120 minutes.

Once we have that Wet Film Thickness we can tell you three facts:

- how many coats of paint you will need to apply

- the volume of paint required

- the cost of the paint

To enable your staff to apply the correct thickness of paint per coat we always provide a Wet Film Gauge - a plastic or alloy comb-like card which has graduated teeth on its edges marked in Microns.

So, if we specify 3 coats at 400 Microns Wet that means that you need to locate '400' on the Gauge edge and when the card is stood on its edge in the paint, touching the metal beneath, the '400' tooth should come out wet. Full instructions are provided.

Without these simple steps the fire protection has no legal validity - you and your Company would be liable in the event of a fire - a daunting and potentially ruinous liability.

We also offer independent Paint Inspection on Site - our experts can verify the paint coating thickness after drying using a very expensive electronic Dry Film Testing tool. For large Projects Site verification and Certification is highly recommended. It usually costs about £300 plus VAT, plus travel expenses.

Details that you need to tell us so that we can calculate the amount of paint that you need

* number of minutes of fire protection required - 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes - the longer the time the thicker the paint needed

* Commercial or Domestic building

* the shape of the steel - for example UB - Universal Beam, UC - Universal Column, CHS - Circular Hollow Section, SHS - Square Hollow Section

* the size of the steel - width in mm x height in mm x weight per metre in kgs (or, if already installed, the flange edge thickness in mm)

* the number of sides to be coated - 1 to 4

* the use of the steel - Structural - Beam or Column or Non-Structural - Strut or Brace Plates - foot plates, flanges

* to be exposed to view or hidden

* top coat RAL Colour required

* to be brush or spray applied

* the total length in metres of each steel type of identical size

* the existing steel surface condition - rusty, anti corrosion primed, intumescent paint visible, finish paint visible (what coatings are known to be beneath the finish?)

* the conditions during and after painting - always dry, humid environment, outdoors during construction, always outdoors, to be applied in a dry workshop

Typical Steel List Layout required:

Steel Section Steel Size x Weight/Thickness Total Length (metres)

UB 457 x 152 x 52 x 276 metres

Click for RAL Colour Chart for your top coat, if the steel will be visible on completion

Benefits of using our steel fire protection services

* free paint coverage calculations (Hp/A) giving you Legal protection

* water and solvent based options to suit local conditions - high humidity, sensitivity to odour, on site or in a workshop, exposure to weathering

* all paints can be brushed or sprayed

* Site inspection option

* Independent Certification available at cost

* unique small pots available, down to 2.5 litres for small projects

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Our unique Fire Paint Certificated offer for Steel

Provide us with your Fire Paint steel beam dimensions and you can have by telephone, fax or E Mail:

- an instant fixed price Quotation to include a Fire Certificate of Supply, Delivery and detailed Specification that comply with the HP/A Tables

- a Building Inspector ready Document Set, with Data Sheet, for his or her approval

- free product support by telephone before, during and after application, to ensure that you meet the Fire Regulations

- a free simple to use Paint Wet Film thickness gauge, plus exact details of the coat thickness required for each beam

Don't get caught out by just buying any old Fire Paint - use our Free Service and get it right first time.

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What Steel Fire Paint to buy for brushing or spraying

Call us on 01626 872886 for full calculations and a Free Specification for your Building Inspector.

Intumescent Steel Paint - apply 1, 2 or 3 coats, according to our Specification, or the Fire Standard required by your Building Inspector.

Flame Paint Finish - apply 1 to 2 coats of finish paint, if the surface will be visible when finished, number of coats according to durability required and darkness of colour chosen - indoors/outdoors, dry/humid, high/low wear finish required. Note - Flame Paint finish coats will also be required if steel is to be erected outdoors, to protect the Intumescent layer from rain, frost and UV damage.

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Click for RAL Colour Chart for your top coat, if the steel will be visible on completion

Steel Fire Paint Prices, Discounts and Delivery: call 01626 872886 for full details

Prices - call us for pack sizes, coverages and prices.

Discounts and Trade Sales - call us for details of our Discount Offer and Price Match Guarantee

Delivery - Same day dispatch, various service options, UK Mainland and Europe

Trade Prices - Price Match Guarantee - we will not be beaten on price. Call us on 01626 872886 for instant help

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Steel Fire Paint is suitable for:

1. Fire Protection of steel and iron - Universal Beams, Universal Columns, Steel Joists, hollow sections such as steel tubes and steel plates

2. Fire Painting onto Interior and Exterior Steelwork

3. Fire Painting over primed, rust free steel surfaces. Unpainted surfaces must be primed with a suitable anti corrosion primer.

4. Fire Treatment of Steel Beams and Steel Portal Frames in Flats, Offices, Warehouses, Loft Conversions, Hotels, Industrial Units and Mezzanine Floors.

6. Fire Protection for Steel Beams in Loft Conversions and House Extensions

7. Fire Paint coating onto Steel support beams and posts in Night Clubs, Restaurants, Shops and Offices

Colour Choices in Steel Flame Paint - Tel: 01626 872886

For a RAL Colour Chart for the Flame Paint Click Here.

Click here to look at the product, check prices and Order in our Fire Paint Shop

Data - Steel Fire Paint - product specific Data Sheets supplied with Specifications


Intumescent paint for primed Steel and some other metals, or for surfaces where the surface spread of flame, or fire propagation, need to be controlled. Intumescent Paints fire proof steel by insulating the metal from heat for a tested minimum period.


When exposed to a fire Steel Intumescent Paint expands to create a fire resilient barrier, insulating and protecting the Steel surfaces from heat and the oxygen required for fire.


Prepare and apply Intumescent Steel Paint to achieve 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes of fire protection.

Apply Flame Paint top coat (in gloss, eggshell, vinyl silk or metallic finish) according to Manufacturer's instructions, if the surfaces are to be exposed to view or subject to high humidity.


Assessment is based upon certified fire tests and can be viewed on-line at Certifire.


We will issue a Certificate of Supply upon request for each project for Insurance, Fire and Building Control Authority and Client Records.


Intumescent Steel Paint is overcoated with the following decorative finishes:

Flame Paint - top coatings:

Satin finish - all BS and four digit RAL Colours. For a RAL Colour Chart Click Here.


To be based on the Steel Hp/A Tables - from 300 microns wet to 3000 microns wet, depending on the dimensions and the thickness of the steel. Ask us to calculate the coating thicknesses and volumes required.


Must be applied over a suitable, corrosion resistant metal primer at least 150 microns (wet), 75 microns (dry), to prevent flash rusting when Intumescent Steel Paint is applied. Check a test area before proceeding.

Apply in 1 to 5 coats by brush or roller or spray to achieve the loading specified by our Technical Department.

Protect from high humidity and water splash. Do not leave exposed outdoors without a protective coat of our exterior grade Flame Paint.

Airless spray – Graco Mark 5 with 0.015" tip.

Pressure pot – Devilbiss J.G.A 502 gun, 402-FF needle, 705 aircap, FF nozzle.


Allow a minimum of 4 hours between Intumescent Base coats, 10 hours before applying a Flame Paint finish coat to the last base coat, 4 hours between water based Flame paint finish coats and 12 hours between coats of Flame Paint solvent based finish. Intumescent paints will not withstand high humidity or rainwater - they must be protected with a fully dried top coat before exposure to the elements. These times are approximate - ask for technical guidance and quote Site Conditions.


Intumescent Steel Paint and Flame Paint finishes are manufactured under BS 5750/ISO 9000


Intumescent compounds. Intumescent paint resin binders. High opacity pigments.


The water based versions of our Intumescent Steel Paints are made within a low odour, water-based system, thus making them user and environmentally friendly. However, this does make them prone to 'flash' rusting on bare steel - always Prime first and ensure that all existing rust has been treated.

What is a Steel Fire Paint

'Steel Fire Paint' is a general term rather misleadingly used to cover both Flame Paint, used as a top coat to protect the Intumescent Paint beneath and Intumescent Paint, which is a softer coating to only be applied over a steel Primer. '30 Minutes' and '60 Minutes' describe the period of protection given by the underlying Intumescent layers of Intumescent Paint against heating up effects that distort steel - warping, twisting and buckling - which would lead to early collapse and reduced escape time.

We can provide an Intumescent Paint price based on the thickness of the steel to be protected, and a separate price for the Fire Rated Flame Paint, which is used as a top coat.


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